Bathroom Installation

Our specialist site fitters are all full time staff and are thoroughly trained to be helpful, pragmatic and knowledgeable.

All our site installation work is preceded by a site survey (normally by the fitter who will do the installation), during which we collect detailed dimensions and take templates.  We then make whatever you have ordered in our workshop. The key to our site survey is not just to ensure that what we make will fit the space, but also that it will safely fit through the building. By working carefully at this stage we minimise our installation time and the chance of anything going wrong. Once we have completed the survey, work in the room can continue while we complete the manufacturing process.

We return to site after 5-10 working days (depending on the size of the project) and fit the prefabricated sections. The joints between these sections are fused and then polished to give an incredibly strong and virtually undetectable result. The joint line is totally smooth, less than 0.1mm wide and the same colour as the material.

Because we can join Solid Surface virtually invisibly we are able to achieve results that would be impossible in other materials. We can install seamless wall panels along whole walls from floor to ceiling, fit whole wetroom floors and make enormous shower trays; all to the most exacting tolerances.

Our staff only get involved in fitting products that we have made or supplied. The only exception to this is that we will connect the waste for any shower tray or wetroom floor.