Splashbacks & Upstands

We would always recommend some sort of protection for the wall covering at the back of worktops. 10mm coved upstand is the best choice to meet glass or tiling. A 50mm upstand is a popular choice for a decorated wall. Often splashbacks are specified much higher than this, especially in the hob area. Coved upstands, although more expensive, look beautiful and give a stunning finish to your installation. They also have the advantage of making cleaning much easier - preventing dirt and grime collecting at the wall/worktop junction.

10mm coved upstand

Used to make an easy clean junction between horizontal and vertical surfaces. Prevents water damage to glass or mirror splashbacks.

Corian/HI-MACS 10mm coved upstand
50mm coved upstand

A good choice to protect decorated walls

Corian/HI-MACS 50mm coved upstand
Any height coved upstand

Typically up to wall cabinets or an extractor. Can also be used to make a neat line with a window board.

Corian/HI-MACS Coved Upstand
50mm square upstand

A cheaper alternative to coved upstands

Corian/HI-MACS 50mm square upstand
Any height square upstand

Useful to protect the wall behind a hob

Corian/HI-MACS Upstands – Square
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